Seriously, Who is Buying All the Boosts?

The time i spend doing those offers is basically worthless. I’d just be watching a movie or working on music or something like that during those times, so at least the offers help me advance in JWA. Doing whatever I’d be doing instead of that gets me nowhere in anything. Just kills time.

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im only playing free now. Ludia got my “dislike” so much i decided not pay for anything. because its endless, insanely money-oriented and always will have many people ready to buy all and push the others down in rank.

so… no, thanks. im fine at low aviary, playing some fun battles. have better to do with my real money.

ill appreciate if Ludia fix S7 AR to take nice pictures.

finance, mkt and bug fix teams are trash. creature logic and art designers have my respect.


Yes, those other apps are a giant waste of time but I would love to have that option. It’s incredibly unfair that some players have it and others don’t. I know it’s not Ludia’s fault that Apple did this, but Ludia could find a way to make the situation fair if they wanted to.

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How do you propose they make it fair when apple explicitly has banned any apps from incentivizing downloads of other apps.

The only “fair” option would be to stop any tapjoy offers and thats cutting off a revenue stream for Ludia, not something their going to do.

I wish I had the option to play games for HC. I have some serious sleep issues, usually only get 2 or 3 hours a night. That’d be perfect for those offers.


I tried getting today’s boosts. I paid for the $20 bundle of cash. I never got my cash, or a response about it, or the boosts, but they did debit my account the $20 so that was nice.

iOS doesn’t allow the game leveling effort based offers anymore, all iOS tapjoy offers either require a purchase or are surveys that never pay

Same here. I get a little more sleep than that but I’m usually up til 4 or 5am even though my alarm is set for 8:20am on work days. At least we can get all 4 free incubators haha

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Oh man, west game looks like a red dead rip off. :laughing:

Fair would be to cut off the free game offers for non-iOS people as well.

Tapjoy runs those offers… so they would most likely have to renegotiate their current deal with tapjoy to make that happen and they would have to be willing to recieve less money from Tapjoy.

Ludia is not going to kill off which is a pretty decent revenue stream for them on the android platform.

They wouldn’t have to kill the whole stream. They could leave Android people with the same garbage options the iOS people have now. Hope you like razor blades!

If you are against this because it would be terrible, spare a thought for those of us to whom it has already happened.

You dont understand how it works it seeems… Ludia has no control over the offers… thats all tapjoy. Based on the articles Ive read those free game offers are causing developers on ios to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“One industry source claimed to that some developers make six-figure sums daily through offerwalls and could reasonably expect a revenue drop of 50 to 70 per cent on iOS, making a “material” impact. It’s also a tool used for user acquisition purposes.”

No way Ludia is gonna take another big blow to an already decreased revenue stream.

Point is your time would be better spent letting apple know as their customer this recent change to enforce their policy is negatively effecting you.

That’s completely nonsense

Pretty sure it’s all the people that I face in the arena that are dominating me lol

Care to eleborate? Considering apple will actively ban any app that offer any kind of incentive to download or play another app.

These policies have been around for years but they started enforcing them on easter weekend.

I do. I haven’t paid over 20 bucks. Knowing how to use Tapjoy makes. It easy

Easy if you are ABLE to, and many of us aren’t.

Game was borderline pay to win before boosts, I say borderline because buying incubators could and often did net you garbage, which is why I refer to them as “Opening the daily garbage can” in my videos lol.

Anyway the game has well and truely crossed that line into pay to win. Now if you have a player with maxed 30 team but didnt buy boosts, will lose to the guy with lower dinosaurs but bought all the boosts, and the only way to catch them is to spend also, the definition of pay to win.

Sure some could argue that if you collect all the free ones eventually we will all be level again at tier 10…yeah only problem is soon as that starts to be a reality, Lydia will just increase it to tier 15 and then tier 20, its a never ending saga of following the carrot on the stick.

And ok lets say they don’t increase the tier level and we are all level at tier 10…then what? we are back to where we started BEFORE boosts, only tons less money, so have overall gained nothing.


Going to have to agree.
My take on it is buying incubators is a gamble.
With boosts you know what you are getting.