Seriously, Who is Buying All the Boosts?

Yep applying a boost to a dinosaur, the dinosaur you can choose mind you, its (providing its a tier increase) makes that dinosaur better.
That level 30 Erlidom with 129 speed is going to get one shotted by that 131 speed level 26 Erlidom with speed boosts, 100% improvement to the dinosaur.

I wish this light had gone off in my head earlier so I could have stopped buying them the day they came out, though to be fair I haven’t bought any other then if I had enough DinoBux from supply drops in weeks.
Ultimately no point.

Though this game is more about the journey than the destination, so if buy having a higher boosted and thus winning team is bringing you fun, I can totally understand…
…sadly arena is a squalor.

Maybe if arena wasn’t such a sewer there wouldn’t be so many rats!

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Seriously? Can you help me understand? Because I don’t.

I want to win because I want to prove I’m smart/dedicated/good at the game, not because I’m willing to burn money. What satisfaction does buying a high rank bring?

Before boosts spenders could at least PRETEND and lie they grinded for their team (although L30 arena exclusives gave them away, haha).

Now it’s nothing more than showing off how much money they’re willing to waste. They’d be better off literally burning cash in their garage and posting vids of it on YouTube. Or better yet giving it to charities. Then they’d get to fulfill their queer desires AND still have a chance to prove they’re worth something (in the game) without their wallet.


You realise that it’s people who put money into the game that allow it to exist, be maintained and improved, don’t you?

People will always want to get an edge; if they have the financial resources to allow them to pump money into a game to get one, so be it.

As for ‘burning cash in their garage’, nee-naw, hyperbole police. They’re spending money on something they find enjoyable, just like people pay to watch football matches or go to the cinema or buy fashionable clothes. Why don’t you stop contributing any money towards your hobbies and give it all to charity? Didn’t think so.

Live and let live.

Have you ever hunted 100k Tany DNA in one day? I know a big spender who did that. And it’s not the first time they’ve done that either. You can’t just buy a team. You still have to hunt. Some of the big spenders have gone on hunts that other people can only dream about because they aren’t as dedicated to the grind.

Whether they’re a spender or not, it’s irrelevant. Not like it helps them any (apart from having VIP) since it’s a daily dino. In other words, I admire that kind of dedication regardless, but the fact that they had to buy their way through in a different aspect of the game doesn’t do them any honor.

For non-daily dinos, see this:

Because I’m not one of those guys who enjoy wasting money for the sole purpose to show off that they have money to waste.


If my hobby was burning money in the garage (or something similar like buying stuff to trick people into thinking I’m good at a mobile game) I would totally switch to charity,


Someone’s got to pay the bills.
Not everyone considers it a waste of money.
If you feel it is, go F2P.
We’ll cover for you.
It’s all good.

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I was P2W until I realized the futility and absurdity of it. Spent well over $1k USD without realizing.

The reality is you’d need to keep spending that same amount or more to stay on top.

All that to say you were in the top XX of a mobile game.

More power to y’all.

Thanks for funding my game. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you in the future with unrealized CC bills and a bankruptcy.


That’s too bad.

I miss the good old days when bribing the referee to go on the field in a mechsuit was something to be ashamed of.

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I’ve bought every boost and not put a real dollar into the game other than VIP. Tapjoy is your friend. Although I’m running low on games left to play. :slight_smile:

Is it known if those boosts reset at some point so we could use them on other creatures?

We really, REALLY need a laughing emoji.

I’m sorry to pick on you, but boosts are paid revenue for Ludia.
They aren’t going to give them back to us as a reset.
No, they will likely nerf the creatures that are most generally boosted (think: Thor) and buff those that no one boosted (or create a new creature that would benefit from boosts).