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Seriously, zone spawns... whats up?

I am so disappointed with the decrease in Zone spawns all of a sudden this month. We are on week 4, final week of the zone, and I have caught 0 Monolophosaurus with my scents, and only seen 2 total all month. I’ve said it before, the zone spawns and shifts are excellent for the game. It’s one of the few things I truly enjoy and look forward to. My alt account needed Mono for multiple dinos, and I was excited to get some DNA. Nope, nothing, and now I have to wait 4 months for it to come to my zone again. Not like a few dinos in a month would go and ruin the game. No more then Ludia handing out Legends and Uniques every other week. It’s a move that I again just dont understand. Oh, but I see multiple Erlikosaurus and Gator every day…Big time bummer

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Understandable but you could also go on a walk to the mono local zone when it’s not where you live. Usually just a few blocks away lol

Got a similar experience with local 2 and Dakotaraptor, this months I only saw ONE! And it never came while I was scenting… instead I got dozens of mammoths and pyroraptors… or Troodon in local 4? I was local 4 when it got released and I didn’t even get it back then…

wild epics are so rare for me last time i saw one was a month ago

That’s the thing, Mono so rarely pops up, even in it’s assigned zone. I’ve been in zone 3 this whole month, and I have seen TWO… none with scents. So when it’s out of my zone, sure I could walk or drive to that zone. But I wont probably see it. If I can’t find it while in the zone now, even harder to find it randomly out of zone

Same zone 3. Crappy local spawns. I used up my gigas every day. Got NONE of Secos from passing two weeks.

I think some times the hybrid pursuit spawn reduce the local so much that is imposible to find.
I have noticed the lack of both turtles in the wild and of blue erliko because of the hybrid pursuit.