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This Raid isn’t proving anyone is more effective/better than anyone on the Leaderboards.

We’re just sitting here grinding out 198 rooms on 1 key. What does that say?

Committed? I guess.
I am now ardently for PVP Raid.

I’m just thinking about what it means when you say you’re a top player in WoWD.

I don’t want to say I sat for four hours doing the same thing over and over again.


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600 rooms with 1 key = great XP

I get your point though. If it wasn’t for the huge amount of XP there would be no point in doing tons of rooms.


Niice. How long did it take you to accomplish that @Greenwave?

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@jackrrabbit It takes about 40mins for 100 rooms if I’m focusing on game. Usually I’m doing other things IRL at the same time though. It is mind numbing to say the least. I am now trying to recover from doing 4800 rooms on last raid.


As am I.


@jackrrabbit How many rooms did you do total?

I did 4800 rooms and leveled up several heroes :slight_smile:


I did about as many as your leader. 622 and then an additional 255. At about 2 minutes per room.

I’ll never do that again.

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@jackrrabbit nice job bud! 877 rooms is a huge effort.

Jimbolya actually did 1736 Rooms. I think what he was saying in earlier post is that he pumped out 600 rooms while watching football for one of his raid runs.

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For the Win!

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