Level up offer, for a phone game!!
I could buy red dead redemption 2 (or similar recent AAA console game) for that price.
If prices were low, lots of people would buy, but these huge prices are counterproductive.
… I’m spending that cash on 2 weeks train fare commuting to work instead


Yeah, some other guy bought one for 60$ (that one there), and made a post about it ranting that its trash… Moral: Dont get it


Switching to Geico could save you 20% off of your…oh wait. :blush:

Yeah, people are nuts, but its their money.

I figure VIP is enough for me so I dont buy anything but coin, and thats just with hard cash that I also dont buy.


Sup guys! Back with another minecraft pocket edition playthrough! You read the title: Dont find the Geico lizard in minecraft pe at 3 am!! He killed me!!!

…Car insurance