Serpentine Owl

Is this working as written? After hitting the paladin with it and it procs, hero’s seem to miss 100% (or close to) not 50%.

Certain heroes def seem to have it worse than others. Saarvins Common axes seem like if it misses once on the special ability that they all will miss similar to Nayelli’s common Halberd. So not sure if it’s something going wrong with the owl or his axe. 50% miss chance can theoretically miss over and over again with some bad luck. I’ve also had seriously bad luck when a Naomlen had 2 stacks of miss chance somehow stacked up another 3 hitting so 5 total stacks of 50% miss chances and still was able to hit more than once and kill my toon. The owl is def one of the strongest trinkets in the game against the right squad with no self restore gear or a Hal with restore legs or a Joppa with restore all allies same row. But hero boots that have an attack when move ability don’t ever get the miss chance applied so there’s definitely something wrong somewhere. With so many heroes with Restore options it would be great if they would fix boots not being able to apply miss chance so that it still has utility vs Ranged toons that don’t self restore. Same with Reflect Damage and Pikels Dominate trinket.

It seems to me that what is happening is that 50% of times I hit paladin the owl procs and then I miss 100% of the time after.
This is different to the description
Can someone technical confirm exactly how this is working/meant to work?

I agree missing under owl’s effect seems to happen way more than 50% of time. But I think randomness in this game in general seems often quite… Random? :smiley: I once attacked Nayeli with the owl trinket with with Naomlen, missing 3/3. The interesting part is that this was the first action and Naomlen was unaffected by the effect, I only learned later that opposing Nayeli had the trinket.