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Server Connection Issue

Hi, I am having “trouble connecting to our servers please check your internet”

Having this issue, I can’t connect trough Facebook ou Game Center. I have full connection but still saying I can’t connect since 24 hours ago.

I tried to reinstall but no succeed.

Please take a look at my personal problem cause ai have too much progress that I can’t loose!

Hey Rodolphosantos, if you’re connected to a WiFi network, please try forgetting and re-adding the WiFi network on your device. If you’re still having issues after doing that, don’t hesitate to email our support team here at, and our team can provide you with some further troubleshooting steps.

I already did that. Tried another wifi, restarted my iphone, reinstalled the game and still the same problem. I have this issue for 24h now.

I have already emailed them and there’s no response