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Server connection Problems since update

I keep getting an error message since the update saying " We are having trouble connecting to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try to log in again 100". Is anyone else having this issue and can anyone help me trouble shoot? I have already deleted and redownloaded.


Hey Cynamin_Owens, could you please email our support team at Our team would be happy to try and assist you further. Thanks!

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My friend, if that happened multiple times, that means you have been suspended or banned. I am having the same problem. I posted it more directly and no support guy shows up

Well, Thank you for the advice but I have done nothing wrong to be banned or suspended. In fact I have vip and spend a decent amount of money on the game.

Will do thank you.

Are you still unable to connect to your account ?

Its connecting just having issues since update.

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Are you on Android or iPhone? Seems like iPhone users in general haven’t been having an easy time since 2.5.

Its android. Its a samsung zfold

Why game is not running it show not connect due to server error when my server is OK I am attached the screen shot kindly solve ASAP time 7.00am to onwardsScreenshot_20210305_075211_debb3a6effb94fb48ccd6f8645f0052d

Hello Rashmi_Ranjan_Mahapa. Feel free to message our support team at so they can help you out!

Not solve the problem till now kindly solve this asap

Kindly solve this asap