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Server Disconnection


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Bug Description:
Game disconnection

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play the game
Step 2 - Play the game some more - often in PvP
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
About every 10 to 15 minutes.

What type of device are you using:
Android galaxy S8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Game disconnects from server constantly, making PvP battles pretty much impossible. Thankfully it has been rare in the strike towers. It disconnects on WiFi, have tried it on multiple WiFi connections, as well as cell connections (even with 4 or 5 bars). It never used to be this bad, would disconnect once or twice a day, but now it is constant even when I am sitting right next to the WiFi router.

Disconnection Bug

Tried to post this in bugs and got a Page Not Found error. Reporting a bug creates a bug??

Game constant disconnects from the servers now. Unfortunately it seems to happen mostly in PvP.

I have rebooted the phone, tried multiple WiFi networks. Occurs even when sitting right next to the WiFi router with a solid 100Mbs fiber connection. Also happen on cell network with 4 or 5 bars.

While this used to happen every couple of hours it is much worse now. Seems to be occurring every 20 to 30 minutes lately. Usually it is just an annoyance. In strike tower battles I usually have enough time to quite the game and reconnect. Not the case with PvP however, so I end up losing a lot of battles due to the issue.


Thanks for moving Sara - did not look like the first post had published.


Oh my, it is now disconnecting every couple of minutes. Three times in the last PvP battle. I could not reconnect when I reopened the game even. Not sure why it is particularly bad today, but the game is simply unplayable. Rebooting phone again to see if it helps. My try uninstalling game, not sure if that might be a solution?


I can second this…

Had over 5 game freezes today (both on WiFi and 4G/LTE with full reception)

No other apps/devices affected
Restarting only showed me that I lost (or was about to b.c of inactivity) … not the best solution (we can’t actually call it one to begin with)

Anyway, just passing it on … hopefully more bug fixes in the next update :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Even worse today unfortunately. Stalls just trying to open incubators. No other apps affected just JWA. Lots of latency issues.

With limited PvE and disconnect problems with PvP it’s almost impossible for me to even play the game now. The only thing I can think to do is drop to the lowest possible level, load up my highest lvl dinos and hope that my default strikes win a few battles. :frowning:


I’ve noticed the servers are brutal the last few days. Several times just spinning blue or black/purple indicator, lots of disconnects. This game doesn’t handle network changes on its best days - you can’t go from cell to wifi or vise versa without causing a little havoc to the client, so these additional apparent server issues are a big frustration.

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Must be when Ludia only has things for us to do for 3 days a week and their servers can’t handle it.

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Well that stinks - finished the Daily Mission, got a server disconnect when I went to get my Erli DNA and DNA lost… Thanks for playing - none for you. Normally you would get it when you log back in, but nope.

Oh yeah and then there are the battles I just lost due to the disconnects. This game just gets worse and worse… :rage: