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Server down. Is patch on the way?

Let’s hope this is so. Couldn’t connect to the game.

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Same here can connect either

server is not down lol

what message are you getting?

I can’t connect either but I doubt the server being down is the case. More like the game is buggy


Error 10010 for me too. Servers appear down.

you have been disconnected. please try to reconnect. 10010.
Everyone here has the same, but i was on my trex run, so it better be back up soon :smiley:

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They’re doing something. I actually timed out the 30 second counter and fought an AI in arena for zero trophies and got the incubator and 360 coins.

I have not seen my counter go below 25 since the 1.7 downgrade. Until now I almost immediately get sent to the 2 minute matchup limbo.

But I had no connection errors.

nope. not down for maintenance. try switching to wifi or network. its just not able to connect thats all.

I can connect just fine

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a large group of people gets the same error at the same time, not internet related


so you are actually believing they did something right??:joy:

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No, I’m waiting to see what got screwed up as counterpoint. :smiley:

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ok. well we shall see.

I connected perfectly fine.

Sometimes their servers get a little derpy for a group of people. Restart your phone and check again.

ios or android?

Android here

Already did so, same error on second phone

same. android here