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Server Error (Obviously!)

I am extremely pretty sure my internet is quite strong, yet even with mobile data, the game shows me the famous “Server Error”. Not only me, almost half the Facebook posts of this game are filled with players showing this message.

If this issue is not fixed, many players will feel upset. Moreover, some of us entirely rely on this game for our free-time due to this condition. My case is special - when I am busy, the game loads perfectly, and when I am free, it has to throw me out.

Ludia, I implore you, listen to these problems and provide a genuine solution than telling us to contact support.

Today. the day of the Brachiosaurus tourney, I wished to at least get a Predator rank and somehow get Dominator on the last day. But, this game did not load, yet it crashed even on mobile data. I know this game is very high-end, but any good game in my opinion should work at least on decent WiFi.

Every day, I am having to be at the mercy of this server error for the little free time I get. I, personally, have nothing else to do for entertainment, so I chose this game. This love for JW:TG came only from my interest for Jurassic Park Builder.

I have no idea if within this week, the game will load for me or not. I really don’t wish to quit playing JW:TG for I have been playing ever since it first came in 2015. Sure, I did not save progress, but that veteran-feel still exists, doesn’t it?

That does seem frustrating, Jurassic_Fury. However, please rest assured that our team is actively working to address this issue.

We appreciate your patience!

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@Ronald thank you. It would be awesome if this issue is fixed. The game is really awesome, but this minor flaw may hinder some ratings and reviews…

Edited some stuff, latest issue for me now.