Server Error

I keep getting an error message when logging in. Says “Timeout contacting server “

Anybody else having trouble?


Yes, this often happens after a tournament ends. Tonight is even worse. It can take up to 45 minutes to fix.

The same bro. After i got the tournament reward its keep me disconnected.

Sorry to hear that everyone. If you’re still facing any issues, please reach out to our team at so they can look into it. Thanks!

I dont know where to start, ok. Im a big fan of the game but tired and sick of this.every single time I want to log in the servers kicking me out. I tried everything clear caches and installed on separated OS but the result always is the same even contacted CS. Ludia or Jamcity I dont know who is running the game, they should hear our voices.THIS forum built for something. I spent more than 1k us dollar since beginning and more than 5 years, They milking peeps with every update. wheres developers(not admins)? wheres the one who running it? LET THEM HEAR VOICES. we are not here to celebrate after each update and saying thank you. we are here to report bugs or errors. just tell me when they gonna fix this old issue? waiting and waiting nothing happens!

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