Server knowledge

Hi All,

I have a clan that I’m managing at the moment. Apologies if this is an stupid question. I keep observing the mention of a discord server on recruitments posts from clan leaders on the FB group. Can anyone explain to be the relevance of this. I’m assuming it’s easier for players to join a clan of the same server but how do you what server you’re on?

Discord is a program/app that allows you to create chat rooms (which are usually referred to as servers). The Clan leaders normally make those themselves. Some of the reasons why they’d make them are: It being easier for players to talk about different things over there (you can create different channels for different topics, such as Breeding, Arena, etc.), You can share knowledge more easily (links to tierlists or Spreadsheets for example), important information won’t dissapear so quickly in the chat (since you can pin those) and you can also send out a push notification to remind players to attack the alpha (if its close to fleeing and has a little bit of Hp left). And its also a way for the clan leader to reach out to players (or vice versa) when they are unable to log in to the game due to some bug or haven’t attacked the alpha for a while (So you can find out whats going on and won’t need to immediately kick them for inactivity).


Thank you Zhyan, I’ve just set up for my clan now. Hopefully they join :crossed_fingers:t5: