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Server Maintenances Unannounced

Without any warning, while playing the game, as I was just about to collect my loot from another battle won, I get the SERVER MAINTENANCE blurb.
You app developers need to put the warning of a SERVER MAINTENANCE in the messages because not everybody lives on this forum.

Hello, please accept our apologies for this inconvenience, however, please see the following topic in which we did announce maintenance!

Same to me.
Absolutely the same as yesterday. Maintenance comes without any notice, in the middle of the final battle phase. And just like yesterday, I will lose all potential winnings and bonuses, lose my energy investment and miss the remaining tasks within the time limit. Under these circumstances, playing this game is just a waste of time and potentially invested money.

Hey Pehta, I can understand your frustration, and I have passed along some of our player’s suggestions to our team for an in-game maintenance announcement. Hopefully, this feature can be added soon in future updates. In the meantime, the game should be back up now!

Again, I do not live on these forums.
An in-game message would had been nice.
Hopefully, next time, this occurs.