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Servers down? Again?

Since yesterday afternoon I started getting the unable to connect message. Figured it was just bad cell service. Got home and same. Thru on wifi and it all worked. This morning same thing. I have internet to everything else, tried restarting and clearing cache, and the usual. Nothing.

Connection is fine. I’m on my phone now uploading screenshots.

Haven’t noticed any down time, never read any topic about it either.
I know the connection protocols in JWA are not the most stable, so I guess it could be classified as a bug.

Yeah this happened before a few months back but connection was good for awhile. Now just poof. I can sit here and update 6 apps, upload screenshots to support forum, check email, and other things at same time but I can log in to game. So it’s not my cell coverage here. Lost out on 2 treasure drops and darting on trip home yesterday so far

Edit. Oh I’m east coast USA if that helps any

Lol about 20 min after posting this everything works again. Should have posted yesterday…