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Set a new minimum FUSE


As a suggestion- some hybrids require a hefty cost to fuse.
When fusing a hybrid, to make dna to fuse yet another hybrid; the waterfall effect is just painful.
10, 10, 10, etc. Now 10 may be fine for rares and epics. But when creating a legendary that requires an epic hybrids dna it becomes too taxing on your time and resources.

You’re essentially burning dna and coin on 6 different dinos, to fuse a legendary for 10…

I really suggest that the minimums should be raised based off the rarity of the required ingredients. If youre fusing 2 dinos to make epic hybrid dna to then go and fuse that dna with yet another dino to make legendary dna, the waterfall effect should reward you for all the spent resources.
Even changing the 10s to 20s would be an improvement. Or making 10s a much rarer rng roll.