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Set all tourneys level.cap to 26

This weeks tourney is mehh…
Every time I face is Sarcorixis with crazy boost that wipe out my team…How can I complete my 10 takedowns when I face sarcorixis at lvl 28-30
please Ludia…either remove epic hynrid tourneys…or just do what is there in title

To face the canadian speeds tie tourney?
I rather prefer all tourney like this weeks.
And if you want to talk about sarcorixis,it just need a huge nerf since he is itself the problem.

Screenshot_20210326-173139_JW Alive
I have the same problem

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You already get 2 tournaments, sometimes 3, where you get to partake in all the speed ties and RNG in the world. Let people that took the time and effort to level their dinos battle for rewards as well.


just wait until sunday, then most monsters are far away and you face dinos around your lvl.

Honestly, they need to devise a better system in general. Since this is a tournament thread, this is my idea for fixing Tournaments. Firstly, main thing is just creature balance. I won’t go into that, as there already are a few channels for that. Speed ties are annoying, but I think that instead of just tapping faster, it goes in a system of Creature A goes first, then Creature B. While it’s not totally fair, I do think it would help. And with Tournaments like this weekends, they just really need to sort it by power of the tournament teams. That way people at least fight others closer to what they can call an even match rather than being steamrolled constantly.

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I suggested similar things but I’ll rehash: speed ties should be 50/50 instead of tapping, advantage tournaments should be split into boosted and unboosted sections (Ie half of advantage tournaments are unboosted), and ludia should take data from tournaments and use it to help balance PvP arena metas

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