Set squads for Dino pvp


I think that we should be able to choose the 4 Dinos that we go into battle with each time. I think this would be better because it would give more choice to the players and would make PvP more strategic. With the current system it feels very random and I assume that’s the point behind it, maybe this was done to prevent the players from having a super strict meta and allowing players to use a larger variety of dinosaurs. For me atleast I believe tweaking the system to allow a set team of 4 would be better, I don’t know about the rest of the player base but I am genuinely annoyed when I end up in a battle against someone and lose because I didn’t have the Dino I needed to win even though that Dino was in my party but the odds didn’t work out for me. I could see if people would think that this would be kinda overpowered and the battle would be predictable so I think maybe we could have some sort of regen bar so if we battle we would have to wait to battle again till the Dino’s that got hurt were healed so it would promote spending so the game could make more money and would also promote players to have different preset squads so that you couldn’t battle with the same 4 over and over but still make it less random. Please let me know your opinions and maybe let me know how I could build apon this idea.