Setting up teams


I don’t know I go into battles with a weak team when I have stronger dinos…am I missing something


I have the same issue and was hoping to find out on here. So if anyone knows how to set your battle team please respond. I looked up on google and it said there was an edit button when you pull up your team but if there is I can’t see one. Thank you in advanced


Nevermind lol…out of no where a modify button came up YAY! I am loving this game so far


Lol…I still don’t have one…where did you find it


The button should be at the top right (see picture). Then click on one dinosaur of your current team you would like to swap; afterwards click on one in your dino pool to swap it! It is also a random 4 dino team from your total 8 dino team. It won’t always pick your strongest dinosaurs.


I absolutely hate how it’s randomized from your chosen 8. I’ve been in a battle against all 2s and 3s, and only had like one of my level 3s available to fight. So it like sets you up to lose.


It was crazy on mine. I had no modify button then like five mins later it finally appeared. I hope yours shows up soon


Hate it or not; its actually a good balance feature! If everyone always had their 4 strongest dinosaurs ranking up would be hell.

Just an example that happened to me (lucky dino team ): 3 kinds of raptor in one team, literally one after an other. If you don’t have a nodo or anything you’re doomed -which was the case, i got rekt-. I even did not get my own raptor feelsbadman. :frowning:


The game is much better for keeping the 4 you fight with randomized. There is more strategy needed and not just legendary dinosaurs every match.