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Don’t you think that Ludia™ should put a setting on JWA for, when a dinosaur spawns you could turn the vibration off or to a lower degree?


What would be the reasoning for doing so?

At late night, esp at bedtime, when we turn on any 20 min scent(I usually do commons), with each spawn vibration your partner would think you are chatting with someone else. JK. :slight_smile:

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Just if you wanted the game to be peaceful or just if you prefered the vibration to be off

Then you could turn vibration off for your phone.

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It takes me forever with scents.
I thought this game did have a vibration off setting. Darn you making me log in on an off-day! :clown_face:

I had the issue that i couldn’t get vibration to work on my iphone when i first started playing. Turns out the game vibration is tied to the global vibration setting in the phone. So i had to turn on vibration for everything.