Several issues, starting to lose interest in game

I’ve been having several issues with this game for probably about two months now. I really enjoying playing, but after all this time dealing with it, 8m losing interest.
I’ve had issues with the map, saying I’m in one area, and I’m clearly not and actually moving further away, while the market remains the same.
Issues with strike events. Sometimes take the entire time for opponent to strike. Not recieving any rewards from not only common and rare events, but plenty if epic ones as well. It’d say at least a dozen and a half times, not recieving awards. But there was one time I did receive double the rewards. (Rewarded two incubators, all contented the same, for doing one strike event.) That was for a rare event I believe.
The game completely going dud when collecting DNA from epic creatures. It’s happened twice with rare creatures. But its happened to nearly every wild epic creature I have come across in some time now. Causing me to only get anywhere from 5 to (if I’m lucky) 30 DNA for that creature.
In the regular battle game play, I’ve had multiple problems as well. Its say about 95% of the time, I don’t even get to choose my first creature in battle. About 75% of the time with certain creatures (Like my diplotator), I don’t get to use certain attacks, mainly ferious attack, or critical impact. Sometimes none of my attack options even show up at all, or are about the quater of the size of the button, and wont let me choose an attack. Once in a great while I would defeat a creature, but it doesn’t “go down”. When clearly showing that it has 0 health left.
Lastly, I have made instore purchases that I haven’t received anything from. All my big purchases have been fine. But some of the ones that are offered when you level up, I have gotten nothing. Which has been very disappointing.
I really have enjoyed playing this game, and I really don’t want to stop. But, i figured with the new updated that wasn’t long ago, things would of gotten better. But, they have only gotten worse. I hope to an improvement in my game play soon. So I can fully enjoy the game again, and get my ALL if my rewards, and ability to play the game as I desire again.
Thank you Ludia.

I’m sorry to hear that you are still having these problems since the recent updates @MM6, and I understand that they are all really frustrating to encounter while playing. Our team is still working on improving the connection stability of the game for our players, and we hope that in future updates, it’ll help reduce these issues for you. In the meantime, try some of the troubleshooting steps here and see if they are able to help: Lost a battle I was winning
Also, if you haven’t received some of the purchases you’ve made, our team would be glad to take a look at your account and assist you with this. Could you reach out to them at with your support key and the information of the purchases you are having an issue with?