Several random bugs tonight *need support*


Tonight, after losing 13 battles in a row, I noticed that my trophy count wasn’t accurate. First, battle ended while I was in the lead, but no one had three kills and it said I was defeated. Second, after the SAME match where it clearly said I was defeated, I did not lose any trophies. I’m fine with that. Very next next match, I lost and GAINED trophies. I’m fine with that too, but clearly something was wrong. Very next match, I won, gained trophies but did not get an incubator for my open slot. I figured I’d report this, because I dont know how long this was going on and how jacked up my trophy count really is.


I thought my trophy count took a double dropped earlier, assumed I was imagining it but maybe it was a bit of lag, I’ve been back to back fighting to try and get to 4k. Just hope one of my wins didn’t put me over (I’ve be <30 away a few times) but not noticed cos of this.


The very next incubator I got was an epic. I would have hated to lose that one due to bugs.