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Severely Limited By Gold?


I’ve only just started–level 14–and I am not making any progress on anything because I don’t have enough gold.

My team is stalled at 2094 because I can’t afford to hatch eggs for fodder–because long term upgrading the treasury (and other buildings, other than the fishery at the moment) makes more sense.

At least early on, I am spending most of my massive 39 energy on farming eggs maxed out, not for the eggs, or the fish (also maxed out), or the XP (which is kind of a negative at the moment), but for the 1250 gold (3+ hours of treasury time).

If as a new player (3-4 days I think) I am spending several days making minimal progress-and increasing gold production doesn’t particularly feel good, there’s a problem in the early game.


I am level 25 and with the treasury as high as it goes for my level. I get 1600 per repeatable quest and gold limits everything I do. I have more than enough fish even with breeding and a 2nd 10pull of dragons.
I know most say fish is the limiter but for me it has been coins the entire time


One strategy I have switched to is inefficient leveling. I purposely only go up one level at a time. This uses more fish and I can complete duties faster


Ive been rotating in what I severely lack, which is a good indicator of balance. Lvl 22 so far… just depends on your current goals. Right now I have 3x 5* dragons I need to levels so dragon fodder is my deficiency.


If it helps you with anything, I chose to improve the dragons first of all. If I do not have any interesting dragon to upgrade then I will improve one of the buildings. I’ve been playing since the official launch, I’m f2p.


My problem is that I cant get enough coins to upgrade dragons, thus I can’t use my fish


If the cost of hatching eggs was cut in half to 800 coins. I would have more coins for hatching, dragons and buildings. I would no longer have to let my eggs sit at max waiting newly found eggs. With hatching more eggs, i could use my fish more which are basically maxed out at this point with nothing to spend them on as it takes forever to get 40 or 80k to train a dragon to be able to level then again


I have never had problems with the lack of coins or fish or with a rooster overflow, I always hatch all eggs. Currently, to collect 80k coins to improve the dragon for 3 star, I wait about 5 days.


I have never had a roster issue nor fish issue really. But it is the coins. If I hatch all eggs , that is basically hatching 1 per repeatable quest. It takes about 2 quests to get enough eggs, leaving 1600 coins to use elsewhere. I can probably but through 145 energy at 5 energy a pop, giving me 46400 coins. If half go to hatching I’m down to 23200. That’s 4 days to train a dragon. Not to mention my other dragons that need training, or my buildings that need improving. And that is all of I do no quests

While waiting to train a dragon, I’ve got nowhere to use fish and now I’m wasting fish. I’m waiting all resources waiting one one, coins.