SG3 slower but with faster ability after swapping

Bug Description:
PVP - when both Players swap their creatures SG3 uses his ability first even if it is slower than opponent’s swappers. I know it increases its speed but should it be after the faster opponent use its ability first?

Area is was found in:

How often does it happen:
Twice during one battle

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Even when it was swapped back and swapped again its state were shown wrong - with previosly added nerfs, so it is hard to guess what status any opponent has. This is standard sityation in many cases.

apparently the swap in move is a priority move in a swap in. It just doesn’t show that

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It’s been reported many times but for some reason it hasn’t been fixed yet…


This right here. It might also take into consideration how fast the previous creatures were. Was your opponents faster? Or was yours?

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Critical Ambush is just totally bugged…

Exactly, instant ambush works as described in JWA but critical ambush does not work as described. Lazy coding most likely, copied instant ambush and applied it instead of critical ambush.

This bug has been reported since the release of version 2.8. Any ETA for a fix? @Ned

Hey Farat, could you email the battle details over to our team at with your support key included? It’d really help our team out with their investigation.


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Yea, not a bug. its been like that since release. As far as I know, its intentional.

Just because it is like this since release it is not a bug?
It clearly is. We just cannot be sure what exactly is wrong. Is it the in-game description of the move? Or is it the move itself?

One of it needs to be changed. Personally I‘d prefer a change to the move (get rid of the priority that it should not have as per description).


It’s most likely a bug indeed otherwise why use 2 names for the same move. If there are 2 different names then they should have different behaviours!

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Yea I agree, I would say the move itself needs to do what it says (lets ignore the fact ludia made a impact move you can spam. lol)

It’s a priority on a swap in move, Field guide says that

So what? As much as I like the field guide app, it is not the official source. Ingame nothing about priority is mentioned. And shouldn’t the ingame description be the source of truth?


Look at cautious cunning rampage for instance. It says it doesnt reduce crit yet in game it does EXACTLY what cunning rampage does(reduce crit chance).it’s a description error and there are many more. Scorps swap is probably one of them and thats all

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