SH Event: To the Devs and Players

I’m very active in the discord and reddit community as well as reading these forums. My guild isn’t the most powerful but for all 50 members, having 1000 to 2000 donations is low and most are 5k to 10k and active on discord. It’s a very active and interactive guild. My point is that I have a lot of interaction with players and their opinions

I’m getting the same sentiments from just about everyone. Disappointment with the SilverHand event due to a bad return on investment slope

I myself would gladly spend some gems and or money if the overall rewards were worth it but they simply aren’t. The amount of time and gems I would have to spend vs the reward I would get back is simply not a a good ROI. Most agree that his epic weapon is a better weapon anyway but I’m speaking about ALL the rewards not just the endgame silverhand weapon.

I’m not telling you to redo the matchmaking system, or rebalance skills, or anything complicated or disruptive to play. Just asking for event rewards to be more like the ToM event you had with the 10 wins for a legendary at the end with 4000 gold early on. That was worth me spending money on and I was happy to do it. This time around as well as the recent test of might I’ll just do what I can with no gems spent and hope the next event has an ROI that interests me.


Thanks so much, @ShoelessRob for taking the time to write in. We are very appreciative of all the players who provide their feedback. We’ve passed on your concerns about the Silverhand Trials and its rewards to our development team. We like to have the best gaming experience for our Adventurers. Keep that feedback coming in.

I literally came here to make a post about what Ludia are thinking making another PvP event like this that is universally hated. I think one of the issues is that people are still doing them. During the last terrible event PvP activity increased significantly. People need to actually boycott these events if we want change

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Free stuff is difficult to pass up. However, I think a better measure would be how many people are playing past the unlimited tries and spending gems.

As much as I would love another weapon, this would be impossible worth the current matchmaking system especially for the event. I hope most people take what they can get for free and stop.

Totally get what you’re saying, but I won’t even do the free stage. The large amount of time it takes to actually get 7 wins is far too much for the pathetic rewards you get during the free stage. That time would be better spent on Challenges, the rewards would be far better for the time spent.


Honestly @Jon, I only grabbed the last Silverhand gear because of a sense completeness, not because I actually wanted the thing. The majority sentiment I’m hearing is that the Silverhand gear released so far is best described in terms that would get moderated :grinning:

A lot of what @ShoelessRob says is spot on. I generally don’t like to be a complainer as I’m sympathetic that this is a business trying to generate revenue from a player base with spend ranging from FTP to whales with limited dev resources to respond to player demands and complaints that run the gambit and at times can be contradictory. That of course makes it tough from a community manager/customer service perspective.

It’s just some of the game decisions are real head scratchers. Nothing specific I want to suggest as I don’t want to pile on, but rather general encouragement for the Ludia team to really consider how things are being received by the players.

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I created a forum account just to comment here (though I’ll probably check out the other good content).

I really like this game and want it to succeed. But I agree with the original poster. The ROI here is just not good.

A model that works in other F2P games is to have a special “event pass” that costs a couple of bucks and gets you unlimited plays. It still takes work, but I’d bet a lot of players would poney up a few extra bucks a month to play the special events all the way through. I know I would.

As it is now, even if I spent gems on more attempts, there is no assurance that it would eventually pay off, as the matching system is still kinda a mess. I don’t mind the mess, but 3-and-out for all those wins, especially with the well-known server time-out issues, and it’s more of a random crapshoot than a strategy/tactics game.

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The pvp I find to be boring and unrewarding in general, so I would be ok with more PvE challenges.

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