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Shadow Wreckers, 4500+ BP, serious/daily players, friendly atmosphere

@TinyTD90 Are you ok with casual clans? I have plenty of room. And need for members.

This is a great clan! Just wanted to say :grin:


5K BP active member. Do you still have a slot for me? Kevin#5449. Thanks

Hello, 5000 bp active player do you still have space? Thank you

We just got an opening, still interested?

Hey there I put in my request. 4805. Jamo956#2075 thanks much!

@Uptoolayte Let’s take it to the top! Woohoo!

I’ll take an invite. I’m at 6126bp.


Sorry. I’m very active and want to be in an active clan

@TinyTD90 My clan is active, it just lacks members. Anyway, if you’re looking a clan that’s already moved far, and you might be, then yeah, I guess it’s not the right clan for you. I am not sorry for asking though.

Thank you for asking! I absolutely appreciate it! I have a clan now but I’m super appreciative :heart:

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Invite sent. Thanks!

We just got an opening, invite sent. Thanks.

Damn, this thread keeps on getting bigger! :blush::ok_hand:

We have one open spot for 4,500+, please leave your ID name & number if interested.


We now have one open slot for 4,600+ team. If you are interested, please post your user ID & number. Will get you an invite ASAP.