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Shadow Wreckers, 6500+ BP, fighting 10* alphas

Hey all! We’re looking for two serious/daily players who want to beat 10* alphas daily!


  1. MUST be 6500+ BP
  2. 150k daily damage MINIMUM on each alpha. Missing 2 alpha battles in a row without prior notice will result in getting kicked out.

Please feel free to PM me or look us up at “Shadow Wreckers”.

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Still have spaces available! Let’s take down 10* together at “Shadow Wreckers”!

still looking for 2 active players! Join us at “Shadow Wreckers”!

still have one spot left! Join us at “Shadow Wreckers”! Defeating 10* daily!

Hi, Oscar. I’m Lenni. I send a request because I’m a daily player since a year. I hope your clan consider me.

welcome to our clan! we need daily players like you!

Closed as requested by OP.