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Shadow Wreckers has 2+ open spots! Come and take down 8 and 9* alphas with us!

Hey all! We’re looking for two motivated players who want to be part of a serious, yet fun loving clan! We’re tightening the ropes in terms of who we’re letting in as the clan advances. Our promise to you is that you will truly be in a warm, collaborative environment where you can both play hard, have loads of fun, and be part of a great team. Our criteria is as follows, no exceptions!

  1. MUST be 5500+ BP
  2. 75k daily damage MINIMUM on each alpha. 2 days of inactivity without prior notice will result in getting kicked out. If you’re going to be gone for some time or you have something that came up, just leave a short message in the chat letting us know how long you’ll be gone, and you’ll be good to go! Our main concern is not necessarily how long you’ll be gone, but each member’s responsibility to pull their own weight and be accountable.
  3. Just be polite and respectful. Curse words and such aren’t a concern here, just be mindful and use common sense.

Please feel free to leave any questions! We’re here to help! Can’t wait to have you with us!