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ShakeDown Mafia recruitment

image Top tier guild looking for active and dedicated players. We’ve an extensive build library, easy to use strategy guides index and tons of other resources you won’t find anywhere else.

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image image image image SHAKEDOWN MAFIA: Warriors of Waterdeep is looking for a few folks to round out our rogues gallery


you must be able to

  1. Complete minimum requirements for raid rooms monthly

  2. The ability to manage your rally tokens so you can raid

  3. Keep your donations up

  4. Sign up on our FB page and discord

  5. Must be renown level 20 or higher


you can expect

  1. Most new members generally improve their overall game after joining

  2. Win Silverhands during raids

  3. Have a open community that will donate and answers questions

  4. To get back, what you put in.

Hey man, best of luck in your recruiting. I like the effort you guys are putting in.