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Shame , shame , shame

Ludia such a great game has now had the great removed . I have cancelled my vip as now don’t want to spend anymore or feel pressured into spending money just to compete in battle arenas etc . I regularly spent £100 to £200 a month on this game through choice but now feel you have to pay just to stay up and that is not right . So many children play this game too and how can they compete with the people who can throw money at this game .
The new dinosaurs and moves are great . New tournament is great but sat boosts are not at least not in the way they are presented . Would be better if only got through daily battle incubator and one off specials to buy at the same regularity as legendary incubators so not very often .
The alliance and daily rewards are great but becoming very boring as you need to change the reward dinosaurs say once a month.
Keep adding new dinosaurs instead of changing the game . Why try change what was working well . People will use cash and coins to upgrade dinos so you did not need to make money off of boosts just keep adding hybrids etc.
You can tell people are gutted by all of this if you count how many vip cancellations you have had since last week .