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Shape of things to come

Get rid of boosts and have instant greater variety :grin: :+1:


I think this represents that shape pretty well:


This is my alt account’s team which has just hit Aviary - having a lot of fun with it.

I have decided to ignore all uniques, hence the L21 I-Rex :smiling_imp:


Only thing I have spent on my alt account is two trainer bundles at £2.09; currently in Aviary and on 4585 trophies.Tryo and I-Rex are boosted 1/1/1; Indo G2 1/2/1. Everything else unboosted.

Filled my four incubator slots, got my DBI and hit a new high score in about 20 minutes this morning.

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There is some variety in arena. Met this Miragaia in Library today.

It’s hard to play other than uniques it you run unboosted team. I would gladly run some other dinos, but none other unboosted, except uniques, can really stand up againts boosted crutches I battle.


I had a high of 4890. I am currently at 4670. I dropped out of several battles just to lower my score down to the 4500 range. It takes more time for me to stay below 4500 than it does to just float around in the aviary.

I have half my team at 4/4/4 and the other unboosted (so I can play around with different combos). No arena uniques leveled over 21 I have a level 24 thor, 24 rat (at 4/4/4) and a level 25 indo gen 2. But I don’t use any of those in the arena. Only on towers. I am no more interested in fighting the thor war than I was the rat race lol

On my main account I’ve been making some L30s just for fun, like this one a few days ago.

I’ve made others over the past year. They’re great fun in strike events!

When I finish leveling the uniques I use, I’ll make a L30 Indom and Utasinoraptor. After I save up enough coin to level the Tenontorex and Indoraptor Gen 2 that are ready to be leveled, I’m going to create Carnotarkus and give it all the DNA I have. That will be another fun one for strikes! I think I also have enough DNA to make a L30 Sarcorixis.


I’m still roaming around Aviary with this team as I want to reach Library without any hybrids challenge.

Superior Vulnerability+Swap in Dracorex is my favorite trick against cloaked creatures such as both Indoraptors

Also Carbonemys is doing great against Procerathomimus and Elridominus regardless it’s not a hybrid.

What so funny is my L30 Spinosaurus got butt kicked by L18 Carbonemys day ago :sweat_smile:


Woah - hoping I don’t run into your team. Nice!

Thats only part of the “problem”, its hard to have diversity (in the arena) when all the new hybrids are tied down with newly released dinos (or arena exclusives) that nobody has DNA for or can level. This isnt much of a problem at lower arenas where say, a newly released legendary will almost immediately be usable after its creation for a newer player, but for most veterans, all those fancy new dinos will (almost) never be part of their team because its impossible to get them to team level where they are actually usable in the arena.

Id like for them to introduce more hybrids to existing (older) dinos. Nodopato is a good example with 3 possible hybrids that all have their quirks, they need to do that with others as well.


Its also a tricky one; think back to how long it took to unlock and level Thor or Indoraptor - people didn’t have these on their team overnight (well most players) - for me it was months; new uniques should take a similar time, people shouldn’t expect to have them at team level overnight.

Got Indoraptor in November 2018. That’s a pretty long time after launch.
I like how these things take a long time, but I do understand that a more versatile meta requires dinos to be obtainable easier also.

Sounds about when I got mine - Thor was definitely over Christmas that year

Battling had become a bore with the same dull rewards

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Actually, this inspired me to make a change. Been thinking about it for some time, but inertia seemed to have taken hold. Today, subbed out my 24 mono, 22 indo, 22 Thor, and others for ones I think would be fun. My score will probably plummet, but it will eventually level out. Then I’ll have something fun to strive for. Rhanks for the suggestion. I hope to see others change it up instead of the same 6 or 7 over boosted dinos.

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I loved Gorgo, it was my first dinosaur that had the ability to one shot something if I could set it up, but boy was it rewarding when done!


I switched out my Indo and Tryo for Gorgo and Posti. I used to have them on my team many arenas ago and they have in a way helped me get to where I am at now. So I am bringing them out of retirement. I forsee my trophies either plummeting or rising.

EDIT: Ok both are paper mache and cost me 5 losses. They were removed from my team


Although I can see people’s perspective on this I’ve been playing the game for about a year I’ve never spent real money on boosts and I reached gyrosphere with an average dino level of 26. The problem is no matter where you land you end up treading water


Youre right, it took ages to first unlock those uniques, but we didnt have towers/events/tournaments/sanctuaries either. We have more way of getting DNA now, while its true that uniques shouldnt be able to be leveled overnight, I dont think they would be, they still require a crap ton of DNA regardless. Im thinking more along the lines of just giving more choices with more hybrids.

We have good examples already with the likes of Trex/Indom that you can either spend on tryko/erli or indo. The system is already there, they just need to expand on it.

We have more dinosaurs now than back then so a way was needed to let players get more DNA for them. The more added to the game (always a good thing) would mean less sightings of some so it had to be done.