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Shards For Dino Bucks

I believe it would be a great idea if in the Jurassic World Alive game if we could donate epic shards (I don’t know if we can, no one in my alliance has asked for epic shards) and instead of coins we could get Dino Bucks for them.

As much as I would like Epic trading I don’t think it will happen in any form. It would be too easy to get dinosaurs that they want us to work for.

It would be too easy to create a second,third and fourth account, spoof everywhere to get epic dna, and trade it to your never-spoofed main account. It’s why Niantic took so long to add trading, because it’s too easily abused unless done right.


Yes and it was abused day one it wasn’t worth the time :joy:

Trading is ok as long it’s not too valuable. If it’s too valuable it’s bad for Ludia and great for multi accounts. Not worth it for other players…

Another big problem is everyone is looking for the same epics… atleast with rares and commons if you donate its pretty easibly replaced, even though im a fuse away from leveling my thor… i need some allosaurs dna so im ok donating tarbo until im ready. Cause i can get it back, i wouldnt be willing to really part with sino for dino bucks… id want another epic like ourano