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Looking to post maybe once a week. A cursory look over the forums confirms all the salient points already have nice topics about them - so how about a more fun one?

My current team:


My baby. Have loved it since I created it so long ago. It’s still a beast, and it’s been in my team since creation- has never come off. Still an amazing revenge killer, I love this guy.


I’ve invested a lot into my first unique. Also been on my team since creation. So easily beaten these days, and so little oomph. I cant bring myself to abandon him though (and yeah, all my dinos are guys).


Also on my team since creation, it’s been through some rough times recently. However, it’s still a great dino. He does a great job of setting up for my dilo, and the distraction then rampage is just brutal. I’m also a huge fan of instant charge.


My other baby, also on my team since creation (seeing a trend yet?) Was a beast before boosts, was a beast after boosts for a while - until I stopped boosting him to catch up the others. Now hes usually unable to 1 shot a rat, and is almost always the slower and lower level in a match. That’s ok, hes also good at setting up my dilo.


A more recent addition to my team (thanks saint Patty’s day event!) I’ve come to love it. Great starter imo, does well vs erls. Mines faster than most tryko I see, which I prefer. Usually takes out magna, or at least sets up dilo well. Ditto for vs rinex. Vs thor, well, at least I get a strike off. Usually.


One of the newest additions to my team - all of these last 3 are - thanks to the dailies we had and park events (and more recently sanctuaries). Usually a liability due to his low level, he can 1 shot some rats. Hes almost always outsped by magnas, other elrs and dilos due to the low level, hes come through for me more than once. I hope to level him more at some point.


Gosh I love magna. A liability half the time for the same reason as my erl, hes so good vs tryko, dilos, and rinex that’s not over boosted with speed. Also kinda ok vs thor’s, can help setup my dilo. Will be better at higher levels, but since I’ve stopped hunting back in Feb or so I rarely get park events anymore. This is slow going. I like him though.

Finally we have dio

Newest addition to the team. Very much a liability most of the time, but can be ok fodder. Obviously shines vs erls, but that’s about it. Will be beastly - if I ever get to level it.

All in all I like my team. If I pull both tryko and dilo I can usually win. If I pull neither I usually lose. I plan for this to be my end game team for a really long time. My trophies range from 4750 to 5250.

What about your team? Why are you using what you’re using? Why did you boost the way you did?


Tenonto - a boosted monster than has a great move set. Takes out tryko like nobody’s business. Decent with Thor too as long as it’s faster. Cleanse usually helps with magna, and if they play a tank, well, shattering impact and rampage.

Spino - for the 9000+ hp tanks out there a bleeder is a necessity, and does a number on tryko too. Boosted to be a one shot answer to DC, and if faster, erlidom and dilo as well.

Dioraja - A great starter. Great erlidom counter and can usually survive a one to one with any magna barring a crit on their rampage. Once you take out their first dino and they send in Thor you can do some damage with the instant distract and counter. Boosted damage and health but best left slow.

Dilo - left off the team for a long time but being fast, distracting, and two rampage moves is now useful as Thor counter. Replaced my L29 indom since I see less and less spino these days. Should hit L29 with it by the weekend. Lightly boosted.

Gorgo - often dismissed, but a total team sweeper. Used right this thing can one shot almost anything that comes it’s way. Ferocity, cleanse, rampage… My most boosted dino, and with the 1.8 buff can do major damage.

DC - do I even need to say anything? I will anyway. Mostly used to derail their strategy and set up mine. EDIT: also used to draw out opponents thor.

Monostego - closest thing to a tank I use. Great against erlidom and Indo, for those that still use it. The distract is a nice edition. Mildly boosted.

Quetzorion - Newest edition. Very versatile with it’s swap in dodge, especially against rampage and runners. It’s been said elsewhere, but seems specifically made to smoke erlidom. Heavily boosted for damage and to avoid being DC bait. Horrible against dilo, FYI…

Note: playing around with procera replacing dio and it being another thor counter, but I think it needs one more level and some damage boosting.

Obviously my team is built to counter teams like the OP’s, which is exactly the team everyone else seems to have. This team keeps me around 5300 to 5500.


Here’s my team
From left to right
Remy: decent health for a creature that is hated by everyone because of its Swap-in move, with a bit more speed boosts it could become even more annoying
Indominus: with the dodge nerf, avoiding high damage is the priority of this dinosaur in my team for it to do high damage
Allosino: not a bad creature in the roaster, it’s the 4th best creature I have yet; it can make a lot of damage for others to finish the job
Alita: it’s basically the star of my team, “she’s” the one that normally makes the final blows over opponents; now at tier 6
Prowler: my perfect counter for bleeders, using a combination of the rendering counter + the cleansing strike it finishes off creatures like suchotator or spinotasuchus
MEGA Becky: although fragile, is the 3rd best creature on my team (shadowed by Alita and Utahsino); the only good counter I have for creatures like Thoradolosaur
Paramoloch: not to much to say, bulky health and good stunning moves but that’s about it, looking forward to change it
EDIT: I’ve finally decided to bench it for Akinfenwa (stegodeus)
Utahsino: a good offense creature to start or end an assault, and now that can survive the Swap-in rampage of Remy it has become my rat exterminator


I’m glad to see some are seeing what I see in Zorion. Tactical and strategy dino. Love it so far. Mine is a baby right now but already doing work.

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Dilorach - long running member of the team but not the force it was; currently taking Indo’s spot
Draco - what can I say that hasn’t been said 1000s of times
Thor - ditto
Erlidom - still love the old girl and can’t say the recent nerf has changed that; my only tier 6 damage (ideal for taking out those over powered rats)
Utarinex - focussed on Thor originally but now giving this all the love it deserves
Magna - probably my favourite creature at the moment (what nerf?), looks beautiful
Tryko - I don’t like it but can’t deny its effectiveness; love swapping it in to kill with the counter
Djora - recent additon to the team and liking it so far especially the counter (and looks); needs another level or two

Shout out to the bench including L30 Sucho :cry: L29 Indo :sob: L27 Gigaspika (awesome in the last tourney) L27 Tryo (ditto) L26 Son of Alan (ditto)

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I switch around a bit but this is the current running crew, all with stock specs:

Apato. My farcical answer to the rat infestation. It can make some other surprising kills but usually just saved for when the rat pops in for a visit. I take a special kind of pleasure in using it because I am sure they chuckle until the dreaded 1219 pinning strike hits. The timer runs down as they check its stats and do the math. It is over and they now know it. Muah Ha Ha! It is a team staple.

Monolo. Immune swiss army knife. I love this little bugger. Currently just a random team member choice. This is a slot which can hold just about anything.

Monosteg. The thing is a beast. Versatile kit and can take out a bleeder after they wound and before it dies. I’ll trade them one for one here. This is the tank slot that Mono happens to be occupying.

Magna. Like Monolo, love this critter! The nerf did not hit me as much in Sorna Marshes as it did higher up. It is noticeably weaker now, not happy about that and I may have to level it up. Team staple.

Thor. Even stock it can deal some damage. It is large enough at my trophy range where nothing is going to one shot it. Thor is just a temp addition taking up the cruncher slot.

Erli. Can one shot most rats here so worthy of a slot. It has the ejection seat option also so has the chance of saving a kill from my opponent. This is the fast slot that gets swapped around pretty regularly from the top row.

Tryko. It is pretty much the answer to most anything except a bleeder. But if it has crunch set up, the bleeder is going down with it. There are still enough Indom and Indo around to where it earns its keep. I think it has been a staple for a while now.

Tenoto. Just happens to be a current pick for this slot. This is another wild card slot that could contain just about anything in the stable. I believe I threw it in as I was running into a lot of boosted Paramoloch lately.



In my opinion a slightly more refined version of Purataurus. Trades cleansing ability for more damage and a bit of armour. Can sometimes be used to lay a bit of hurt on Thor via its counter attack nice against tanks, has a diverse use to be fair. Sometimes to switch it out when I know a low health DC is coming just to finish it off


A great bleeder despite its low health. Useful for wounding mega boosted Thor’s and it’s swoop can set up my birds as well. Can kill rats with crit impact and with some luck Erlidom as well


All around a great Dino. When faster then Thor (which is most of the time in my arena) can kill it with a combo of distraction, greater stun impact and nulfying impact. Counters so many other Dino’s and has a great damage output.


Can tanks big hits then throw out big hits. Even when distracted by things like Utahsino and rinex still does very well. Main problems are mainly magna, Thor and bleeders to a certain extent


Especially since 1.8 I’ve started to use it more as a revenge killer instead of a leader. Can kill rats with ease. When facing Thor prefer to ramage than cloak due to it being less reliable. Better to damage it and make it an easier target for the next creature than to cloak and do nothing.

As in most teams, the monster. Mines not to special compared to some though. Prefer not to start with it incase I loose it early on. But yeah, arena wise it doesn’t warrant an explanation


Onto my second favourite creature in my team. Can minimise rats swap in ramage to virtually nothing and then finish it off with ease. Has a 50% success rate with killing Thor as well. Generally used to block other high damage moves as well. A complete monster in the arena which has won me multiple battles.


My favourite creature in the game. Sure, it’s attack stats not amazing and it’s moveset might seem like nothing special. It’s strange, thinking off the top of my head, it seems really bad against pretty much every creature used in the arena, but in battle it has a ton of use. As you notice, mines got a lot of health which allows him to take a lot of hits. Has a suprise 90% success rate against Proceratomimus doesn’t to bad against Tryko of you swap in when you know it’s going to use instant distract/shield and then swoop out again laughing as my opponent uses instant Invisibility or instant Distract. Can be used as a fail safe against Thor. Sometimes being it in to finish a creature off, getting full access to its lethal swoop. One I love is swapping into it when Indo uses cleansing impact, meaning Stgydaryx takes the rampage and still has a nice amount of health left and swoops out, wounding Indo. I don’t need to explain how a match between it and a tank ends up. I could go on and on about how it’s saved me against Utahsino, Erlidom and other creatures, but I’m gonna bore you to death :grin:
So yeah, not as bad as everyone thinks he is

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Draco: Dragon Uppercut
Tenonto: Draco, Tryko, Thor counter; general purpose damage
Thor: Draco, Tenonto, Thor, Counter; general purpose damage
Dilo: Double rampage
Tryko: Draco, Erlidom counter; all around good dino.
Magna: Draco bait early, Late game invincible clutch.
Erlidom: Too big to replace at the moment. Cloak/Draco bait (They still try it. No lie), sacrifice dino, End match closer.
Ronnie James DIO: Indo replacement. Should do better once leveled up.


Dilorach 4/5/5: My first level 30 and one of my favourite dinos, got a place in my heart. I still use it as a revenge kill with very good results at 5000 trophies. With a set up turn full hp is almost unstoppable.
Tenonto 5/5/5: in 1.5 i initially went for Thor but than changed to Tenonto due to its versatility. Still love it, if played well can kill 2 dinos alone. Tryko counter.
Tryko 4/3/0: not boosted as hell yet, can stand very well with minor boost and underleveled in every team. An other bruiser mind-game dino.
Rinex 4/4/4: turned 30 just today. I was thinking to replace it until three weeks ago when i decided to boost it. Living in L2 is probably the reason why i continued leveling it. Really strong distracter, good vs Thor. An other very versatile dino: slow, distract, run, stun with priority.
Erlidom 5/5/5: probably my best dino with my 1 turn set-up dilorach. Using it as a revenge killer its performance has not being affected by the dodge nerf. 4.5k damage T1 is amazing. Draco (but not only) counter.
Erliko 0/0/0 trying it in Indo’s place. Have to boost it yet, but it has answers for almost everything. High level and boosted can be an other Draco counter that can work in team with Erlidom to bait those rats. Last but not least: it’s a chicken. (Quetzorion can take this place in the future when i’ll unlock it)
Stegocera 4/4/0: Probably my fav dino. A powerhouse until 1.7 boost fiasco. With the right set up was almost unstoppable played as last resort against non immune dinos. 1.7 changed everything. Looking forward to replace it with Ardentis or Monostego (considering also Tragod but in a minor way).
Dracocera 0/0/0: nothing to say. At this level is a tactical dino that can still make the difference. But its swap in ability is too strong for the rest of the game. At high level and overboosted it’s just unfair. Got kinda tired of playing it, don’t want to boost it (can get a superhybrid in the future). Looking forward to replace it with a counter attacker to mantain a similar role: Dioraja or Carnotarkus.

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@wrothgar I remember when that Dilo used to regularly destroy me lol.
Here’s what I got:

The usual suspects.
I feel like most of them don’t require explanation.
I’ve been with Vlad since before he was popular.
Meg, as always was and forever shall be, is my favorite in the game.
Glen is in for Indoraptor… cause he just doesn’t cut it anymore. But he’s just holding a place for either



This is my team. They are the main prehistorics that I have at the highest level. It still does me well and keeps me about the same trophy count.

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Hmmmm… I wonder how are you lvl 19 and battle with that roster (not judging)

In what way? I’ve been playing since May last year and I level every dinosaur I can. Most of them, even the uncompetitive commons, are level 16-18. I have few hybrids but I don’t use them anymore because I want to use prehistoric animals.

I’m also not bothered about climbing the Arena. I play for casual fun and collecting dinosaurs.


It’s nice to be at a level where I can actually use these in PvP and win. And I play them because they are different.

The ugly duckling is nastier than what you think after that cute little dance.


I’ll admit, that’s an awesome screen shot.


Haha I miss our matches @Ardens

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Show us that Apato :flushed:. So we can tell you to nerf him.

I have boosted it a tad more since I took this pic.


:joy: where do you buy these photoshop boosts


Not going to give a biography for each one but I’ll give the tiers.

Dilo- 6/6/7
Tryo- 8/8/6
Spino- 5/5/4
Rinex- 6/6/6
Thor- 6/7/4
Erli- 6/6/6
Tryko- 6/6/4
Indo- 4/4/3

Not too happy with my team at the moment, I just replaced my 28 stego with the 26 (almost 27) thor and I’m trying to figure out a replacement for my Indo. But its a work in progress

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