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So I was able to make Monomimus today with the Monolophosaurus’s for one of the event creatures. I just ain’t getting it picked to try out.

These were all part of today’s teams so far as I interchange things in and out. The top ones were picked and played one or two times. The bottom 3 just not getting picked.

You can kind of see my theme of evaders. I may put both Smilo’s and Marsupial Lion on the next round. But I want to make use of Mono. I may bump up Phorus up to 16 as it does pack quite a punch. I like its little “hokey pokey chicken dance” when I swap it in. Then it puts it left foot in and its right foot out. It does the hokey pokey and it takes the dino’s out. :rofl:


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I’ve officially added Spartacus to my team. He impressed me so much, being underleveled and unboosted… forced me to go in. Lovin him so far!

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Agreed. Getting a fresh set of boosts tomorrow…

I love the pause from the opponent when it lumbers out.


Erli 6/6/6 - rat exterminator, revenge killer, Magna counter

Thor 5/5/4 - Tryko counter

Monostego 5/5/5 - all rounder; can shut down Tryko, rat hits the wall

Magna 6/6/6 - Thor and Tryko counter, rat bait

Purutaurus 5/4/4 - place holder, revenge killer, demolish tanks

Tryko 5/5/3 - allrounder, best Erli counter

Dio 5/5/3 - great starter, best counter to Dilorach, Indo

Utarinex 5/5/6 - starter, allrounder, rat and Thor counter

Will soon replace Puru with either Dilorach, Tenonto or Erlikospyx.

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How does it perform? I would really like in the future to add it on my team. Mine is lvl 22 (unboosted), too low on argentino to level it up

I’m still getting used to it, but it seems situational, and also something you need to play with the expectation that it is going to get taken out - but can either finish something, or set up something else. Boosting is mandatory. Tomorrow I will up damage and health even more.

The immunity is huge. Neuters utarinex and dilo - which are it’s key victims. Although I did just take out a L28 indo for the win with mine (crit on decel impact made that possible). Erlikospyx is pretty useless against it, too. Thor and tryko smash it, erlidom can be hurt by it, but usually wins the head to head. Magna can go either way based on damage boosts and crits. Hmmm, I think that’s all anyone plays anymore, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

If it had a swap in slow, or perhaps a decelerating instant invincibility it would be right up there with the best.

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That’s exactly why i was thinking of it: being not so great stat wise and running all three 129 chickens on my team it could serve very well for a revenge kill. It can also let other dinos slow so any dino after it can function as a revenge killer. As a slowing dino for this patch i leveled up momostego, but ardentis is defenteley something i will want to try out when it will be at a decent level to fit in my team.
What did you drop for her?
Edit: probably bellow would have fit better in its kit instead of II. But decelerating instant invincibility is something that we can dream of haha

Indom got the boot (for now). Which sucks, but the dodge nerf was excessive and not too many tanks being used anymore, and those that are can be handled with bleeders. Still going to get indom to L30 though, but not sure if it’ll go back. I hate having to rely on a dodge, especially if I take damage even when it works.

My team is always shifting a bit. Erlikospyx will get leveled tonight when I get my coin limit, and may go on as well. Not sure who to drop, though.

This is my team now, and I’m about 200 trophies below my high score, but have been climbing!

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Good and solid team!! You can switch Spyx for Spinotah, it’s a clear upgrade from it since the crit nerf and it’s way more versatile. And as a revenge killer seems that your Gorgo can do better than it haha

My team is not as strong as yours.
Utasino: 5-5-6
Monostego: 5-5-4
Thor: 5-5-5
Dio: 5-5-3
Erlidom: 5-5-6
Tuora: 5-5-4
Magna: 6-5-6
Tryko: 5-5-3
I have a Dilo with 4-5-4 but benched. I can apply 64 attack boost points to one of them, but still no idea which one. Thinking between Thor and Magna. I welcome any comments.

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Good topic, good info! Heres what I am working with. Everything is boosted 5 or 6 except the rat. No boosts wasted on that cheesemonger :smirk:

I’m not going to go through everything, but since adding Smiloc and boosting it up, my fights have been really fun. That bald cat puts in serious work swapping in to stun and rampaging stuff down! Utahsino is my ace for sure.

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