Share how you found the found the forums!

I found them by searching it up on my phone, I googled “Kentrosaurus Clash of Titans” (I think) because silly me thought it was the same for everyone. Found a link to the forums, and well, here I am.


i found the forums becaus the in-game ad


I found it, because I was desperate before to make a good team, I lost many times, failed tournaments, And now I’m thriving. And here I am.


Avian Ancestors. I remember it like it was yesterday. I think I had used the Forum once before that too, but that event being abnormally difficult for some low level players brought me here to see if other players were experiencing that too and since then I’ve been regular.


Because of a really hard event that’s how you learned about the forums :joy:
Not that i could say anything though….


I learnt about it last year through “JWTG is shutting down!” and got the courage to join this year.

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After 2 months of playing this game i thought let’s find the forum and searched in google and here I’m.
In all the games i play for more than a month i usually try to find a community group like forum , reddit or fb group. It’s always more fun with players like yourself that take the game more than pure casual .
Some games don’t have a forum and that’s a loss for that game’s community.