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The title says it all here’s my only one so far:

Creature Maker

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Hey Ind0raptor, love the apex model and the description, just one thing, can you try to use a different move than me echolocation, I want Indoraptor to have that ability (along with triggered Strike) unique to it. thank you!

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New move for Mengqin to replace echolocation :smile:

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Ok, Thank you!

image This is one I had a while ago


lol i made a blood raptor a while ago

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I was thinking more along the lines of a G3 IndoRaptor…

But this version would be 30% nastier and more viscous and deadly as all heck against most opponents. Simply put this new G3 version of our favorite nasty boy is savage to the bone on all opponents showing no mercy at any time for any reason and is seriously OP as it should be!

Basically giving back to Indoraptor what was taken away from both G1 & G2 versions of it.!.

Listed Abilities of APEX IndoRaptor:

Cautious Strike:

Target self: increase speed by 20% for 1 turn, 50% chance to dodge by 70% for 2 turns, 1 attack 1760.

Cool Down 0

Savage Impact:

Target :Self. Cleanse DOT

Target: Highest damage: Remove 40% damage, Remove Speed increase, Nullify crit increase chance by 60% for 2 turns, Remove crit increase chance by 75% for 1 turn, Reduce damage by 40% for 1 turn, 3 attacks, Attack by 1.75x (3560 )

Cool Down 1

Death Jaw Strike:

Target all opponents team: vulnerable by 60% for 3 turns, 4 attacks.

All opponents team receive damage of 40% for 1 turn, shields removed for 2 turns, HP decreased by 50% for 2 turns, Speed reduced by 30% for 1 turn, attack reduced by 30% for 2 turns. Attack 4920

Delay 1, Cool Down 3.

Vampire Strike:

Target all opponents: All opponents become vulnerable for 4 turns.

Target: Opponent team: Increase damage to all opponents by 60% for 3 turns, 3 attacks 1680 DOT 40% of targets max HP, lasting 3 attacks, Increase critical hit chance by 85% for 2 turns, 3 attacks.

Target self: Increase speed by 40% for 2 turns, 3 attacks, 85% chance to dodge for 3 turns, 3 attacks.

Delay 1, Cool Down: 2

Ghost Walking:

Target self: 100% cloak for 2 turns,

Target all opponents: vulnerable by 85% for 2 turns.

Target opponent: Team: Increase damage by 60% for 2 turns, 3 attacks, Increase critical hit chance by 90% for 2 turns, 4 attacks.

Cool Down 1

Medicine Man:

Self: Cleanse, Heal 2860. Increase speed 15%, Lasting 2 turns.

AA IndoRaptor G3 pic 1

AA IndoRaptor G3 pic 3
To see the abilities in picture above please read the individual description of each one at the top of this post.!.
Kind regards
Co Leader RampagingBirds JWA Alliance

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image if you want an explanation dm me

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Here’s my take on an Apex pterosaur. I feel like the swap-in bleeders don’t get enough love, hence why I decided to create this concept for Pterodraco.

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There aren’t any spino apexes, so Here’s mine:
Dominus Aqua
Class: Wildcard
HP: 5000
Attack: 1300
Speed: 126
Armor: 0
Crit: 5%
Group wounding strike: Target all opponents. Deal 15% of max hp for 1 turn. Deal 1300 damage
Fierce Rampage
Maiming Wound
Group Distracting Wound: Target all opponents. Reduce damage by 100%. Deal 10% of max hp for 1 turn. Cooldown: 1
Deceleration: 100%
Stun: 100%
DoT: 75%
Distraction: 25%
Rend: 25%
Swap-in abilities: None
On escape: On escape regeneration: Target self. Regen x2 damage when opponent leaves. Cleanse all negative effects.

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how is it a wild card if it has no cunning effects?


The instant distraction part

oh lol. didnt see that

image This one breaks the mold for fierce creatures tell me what you think

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it’s terrifying

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It’s not the best. Good turn 1, but that’s it. Gets killed by top tiers like gemini, maxima, and tenontorex

Mostly a fierce that can be a threat against cunning not sure if that works

It works really good for them, but resilience kills it