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Hi @Velocity, here is a short manual what I’ve published for my friends:


Toy story :disappointed_relieved:


I’m confused. Do I need to download something to do this? I don’t see any option that says AR. Maybe my phone can’t. (Android btw) so maybe it is only iPhone.


The holy trex :t_rex::sun_behind_small_cloud: here to bestow wisdom upon us all

The captain has turned on the no passenger sign :joy:


My goodness… That’s amazing :joy::joy::joy:


In my opinion, you missed a trick. That would have been a perfect “Raptor Jesus” moment. :rofl:



He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus :laughing:


Hi @Velocity, I’m using iPhone and here is a requirement for that platform: iOS 11+, so I suppose there are some requirements for Android platform too.


@Velocity, here is a list of AR compatable Android phones: Augmented Reality: What Android devices are compatible?


Oh I think it is because I don’t have the model. I thought it was something I would have to download. It’s a shame, because I could do it with Pokemon Go.


JWA Trivia: prior been hired by Ludia the Indominus Rex was a beauty blogger. There he learned how to be an ultimate predator.


You think I’m cornered, huh? BIIIIG MISTAKE!


D&D illustrated by JWA AR: Taming the beast



Today afternoon I drove 25 miles to the big National Park to collect her DNA. It’s worth it.



Over the rainbow


Wow, leprechauns have really stepped up their security!


Well… coins are such a huge commodity these days :joy: