Share your AR photos here!


Just be careful, you know how she got the nickname “Mono”… Right?


Hey, who r u?


I found a T. Rex :slight_smile: :fearful:


“Oh my goodness I’ve found you! I’ve brought cookies!”

I realise that may be a rather hit or miss reference, but thanks to the “If Dinosaurs in…could talk” videos, Rexy will forever have a Beavery voice. And like cookies. :rofl:


JWA Trivia: the app executable has jwa2 name, it’s because the very first JWA was published and lost ages ago. Proof picture:


Never mind, no monostegotops🙂


Also managed to place indominus in It’s a Small World, but that’s a video…

Dinos Doing Things

re: video AR

All of my pictures were made as a video and next I pick best frame and just make screenshot + post processing sometimes.

I think it’s too hard to catch the AR best moment with just photo, video is more flexible and useful.


That smile though :joy:





Do… Not… Cross… That… Line!!

Okay, okay! I’m just passing by, no worries dude!


I don’t have the AR function on my phone but I made this one with another app. This was a Galli hide out :grin:


Watch out kittah! There’s a hungry raptor behind you!!
(luckily I saved the kitten =)


You should save that raptor the big kitty can eat it with one shot. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not AR, but sure made me laugh!


My real life AR :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh oh…JWALIVE-20181017-14-48-57-955


I see lots of sunny colorful photos. But I liked the AR of this Indoraptor keeping the silhouettes on a foggy morning. IMG_20181016_211613


The birds around it looking like they are fleeing in terror adds to that ominous sense too!