Share your crazy superstitions that you do in JWA!

When I fuse hybrid DNA, I click each fusing Dino portrait 4 times alternating real fast before a final click on the big Dino to avoid a 10 fuse! :joy::joy:

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You do what now :joy:

Hey don’t judge it works!! (Most of the time) :joy:


I am convinced that reading the bit of advice that is given before a battle causes me to lose because of the distraction. I try not to look lol! Not sure if that is superstitious or just silly.


That totally counts!

Always take out whole family related to a Dino off team before fusing to avoid ten’s and get better fuse results

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Ohhhh I like it

If you see a trex around lunch time start hunting if you cover a few miles you can usually find 2-3 more in the same hour


Switching your team up during a losing streak will force matchmaking to start reassessing your team leading to some easy wins


I check my opponents trophy count after a battle and if it is higher than mine I restart the app hoping the next opponent will be lower than me. Still non-conclusive, but wishful thinking.


I feel like those are actually legit lol

Not sure if it counts as a superstition, but every time I dart a Stygimoloch or Dracorex, I keep apologising with every dart hit, because their cries make it sound really painful for them XD


Yeah totally counts and I love it. :rofl::joy:

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I play the game on silent most of the time. I feel bad when I hear stegadeus or any other die. I’m such a softy although my game tag suggests otherwise. My stepson picked my name because I use my kodiak atv sometimes to go dino hunting.


Cool! I used to live in Kodiak, Alaska where there were Kodiak Brown Bears. Although not dinosaurs they were still scary!

We have black bears around the 10 wooded acres I have in mn and hunting bears would be the last thing I would do lol.