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Has anyone used smilocephalosaurus or carnotarkus in the arena’s?
I have leveled both up to team level (20) and am thinking of putting them in. Please let me know how they performed for you and which dino’s they went up against.

I use Smilocephalosaurus on my team, he’s pretty awesome, he’s not even team level but he still holds his own.

I have Carnotarkus in my team. You can see some examples of how well she worked for me here:

She is pretty slow though, but I find that works to her advantage a lot of the time (when IDing the opponent).

Cool, thanks guys. I’m gonna put them in next time i battle, replacement for erl and magna.
Have you boosted them at all?

i had smilo on my team ta lvl 20. hes great but but just wasnt strong enough to fit right with the rest of my team. if i could lvl him higher i would def put him back on

Only a little. I do plan on boosting Carno more, but for the time being, she’s working well enough for me.