Share your modded pvp here

So I have done around 500 modded pvp battles in this week, but I STILL havent gotten a rajastega. Do you just have to be plain lucky? Ive gotten i believe 2 spinoraptors and 3 diplotators, along with a suchomimus. The rest is just like 40 lps, sdna…. Stuff like that……

Edit: Ludia please. I just want rajastega :frowning:


Dont get disheartened my friend they will come in time, like you I was doing so many modded battles and no luck with the rajastegas, then all of a sudden my luck turned and before I knew it I was getting so many in a short space of time, just keep at it and they will come.

These are my copies and I have not even unlocked her in the market yet.


Ive got trash from Modded recently, wheres those hybrids


I don’t play any modded battle, cause it very hard to me.

  1. I have to collecting mods
  2. The battle seem unfair, opponent beat me for few seconds
  3. My resources are limited



I remember getting Rajastega once, Diplotator once, and S-DNA packs I believe 4 times

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@Acrocanthosaurus btw concerning your post

That S -DNA will help you when you start to create more and more S - Hybrids

Yeah, I’m currently working on segnosuchus (3 more segnos then i have it), then I was thinking of working on my amphibians so getting diplosuchus.

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