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Share your purchased pack loot

After seeing questions pop up from time to time and now having a bit of experience in the matter I figured it might not be a bad idea to start a thread for people to post what they are getting out of purchased packs.

1 just to share and 2, to see what players are actually getting from these packs to help shed light on the idea of if they are “worth it or not”. This topic can also serve as a place to discuss that question.

Share as much as you like or don’t like but I think we would primarily be interested in what pack you purchased and what the main prize was. Also primarily interested in the $ packs and DB packs Not really interested in prize drop loot or LP pack loot.

I’ll kick it off. As some people know I manage 3 accounts, my account and 2 of my kids accounts I commonly refer to as D1 and D2. On D2’s account it is not uncommon for us to buy a few of the offered packs for DB’s. We are non VIP so we are paying full DB price for these, typically around 1550 DB’s up to ~1900 for the hybrid pack.

Today on D2’s account we purchased the 2018 pack, we purchase this pack fairly often as the odds are not terrible and there are a few good creatures to snag along with a chance at some VIPs. Today we received a Kelenken. I am pleased with the prize, her ceno’s are not very far along and she needs savannah creatures. This Kelenken will be her 2nd, the 1st she also got from the 2018 pack. These 2 lvl 10 Kelenken’s are the 2nd strongest savannah creatures in her lineup only after a Urtinotherium that she also got out of a purchased pack, probably the 2018 pack as well.

Was it worth it, for her game IMO yes this creature will be very useful for PvE at her current game state. I should also mention i try not to put too much effort into this account and it isn’t uncommon to miss finishing CoT and I’m not currently doing tournaments on it either. Most resources come from the TH.

Eventually I’ll look through her collect and try and figure out what she has received from packs so far, which is quite a few.


Well, in the 2018 pack i found a Tupuxuara sometimes ago. Also very very very good idea Subxero!


Apparently no one else splurges on packs but me on my one daughters game.

We took a gamble I think it was yesterday on the Plant eaters pack. The odds are not that great for a tournament dino, probably under 10% but we had the DB’s and not much else exciting going on. 1550 DBs I think for the pack.

We won a Paralophosaurus so not the best prize but we did also get 2k DNA from the pack so that helped with the not so good dino card. The 2k DNA actually turned out to be very useful for us and got us just over the hump so we could buy another Ostapo yesterday on discount. Looking on the brightside.

Would do it again :stuck_out_tongue:


D2’s game again. 2018 pack, cost like 1550 DB or so, won 1000 DNA and another ice bear This makes her 6th bear from this pack, I’m satisfied with the prize, would have rather got a kelenken over the bear as far as the high % rewards are concerned as she needs more savanah’s but with all the bears I’ll be able to fuse them for 3 lvl 11+ which will be very useful.


I have had a couple of goes on this 2018 pack, because unlike many others it isn’t a concealed way of getting you to spend 1800 DB on one Triceratops! All the prizes are reasonable and some very good. My first try was as to be expected an expensive Megistotherium. However hearing your experience I thought I would try again when I got to 10K DB. Hit that last night, so when it came up this morning I bought a pack and also got the bear:

Very pleased as he is my second (bought one last week with LPs) and that will be strong enough to be useful (my Cenos are way behind at the moment).

And I love bears :bear::heart::bear: which is sort of irrelevant but makes me happy to have him.


Nice score, the bear has really high odds something around 30%

I don’t work a whole lot on ceno’s and aquatics so any normal legendary and or tournament i win for them is very welcome.

Most of these prizes are pretty good gambles on D2’s game for reasons I’ve mentioned before plus it adds a little fun and excitement to the game. 1500 DB’s is not really much when you think about it. You can get that and more in just one day from the trade harbor for next to no effort.


Once upon a time 1500 DB sounded like a fortune, I remember having to stop in tournaments because my DBs had run out just from the 5 DB entrance fees. Hooray for the Trade Harbour!

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Was half tempted to take a gamble on the Experiment pack for 1500 DB 10 % for kentro and 10% for Eryops but neither of them are that great and the other cards in that pack are trash. For these packs there should be no less than 2 guaranteed 1k DNA cards IMO

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I like Scapho, but now have enough for 2 L40s. I used to be keen to get Aerotitian until I discovered modded PVPs, where there is a plentiful supply.

I spent nearly 5000 DBs yesterday on the pack, the gold pack from the raffle (as a non-VIP I occasionally buy this when it falls below 2000 DBs), and speed-ups, so I’m doing a bit of saving up right now!

2018 pack again today on D2’s game.

2k DNA and the “worst” prize. Megistotherium. Can’t win them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still not a bad a haul as far as I’m conccerned, would and will do it again, it will all be put to good use. And that 2k DNA will help purchase a legendary hybrid tomorrow on discount either Ostapo or I-rex, probably Ostapo due to lack of amphibs and plethora of carno’s


Have been looking out for this pack, gave it a try again. Like you I only got Megistotherium this time, but good resources and I will be close to being able to fuse Megistocurus once I hatch it - only 1 more needed.

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I haven’t been paying attention to how many megistotherium’s she has but check after I hatched the one she got today and she had 8. The lvl 31+ is in the fusion chamber. So again not all that bad.

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On D2’s game we took a gamble on the hybrid pack yesterday for 1910 DBs I think it costs that or close too.

Basically trying to get lucky and score either a Suprannotitan, Ankylodocus or Spinoraptor as any of those would be a very useful addition to her lineup right now with further evolution. In particular Suprannotitan as we already have 1, that we got from this pack quite some time ago. Her game needs some carnos that get above 4k ferocity after 1 or 2 evolutions in prep for an upcoming ferocity jump that is soon approaching.

Well… no dice. We won the common herb Lab hybrid (can never remember it’s name). Not the most useful as we already have 7 lvl 40s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Still worth the gamble on her game IMO as we don’t have much to spend bucks on right now anyway and getting enough DNA to buy legendary hybrids seems to be the hold up right now.

I will note we have got lucky with this pack in the past, at least 1 ankylodocus and 1 Suprannotitan.


Got a Pachyceratops from the hybrid collector pack (with bucks). Feels like an L


Last week


The hybrid pack is a pretty solid gamble especially if you are really hoping for one of the top prize super rare hybrids

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Continuing to chase the ice bear, bought another 2018 pack:


That seems to be the pack with the best odds of getting something worthwhile.


Nice, I don’t think we are going to have enough bucks to splurge on the 2018 pack this week on D2’s game. Ended up spending more than I thought for hatchery speed ups yesterday to take advantage of the hybrid discount. Could still get lucky with the TH and snag 2k quick so who knows

Congrats on the bear


Bought the 2018 pack again today on D2’s game and she won another ice bear. Always welcome.

We even splurged on the 2018 pack on D1’s game today as she has a small surplus of DBs. We don’t purchase these packs very often on her game any more but she won the Urtinotherium which she was super excited about. It is 1 of the 2 creatures available in the pack that she did not own a copy of, what are the odds?

I guess I should also share for the 2nd time in the last month I worked my way through the prize drop as a non VIP to get an offer for the diamond wheel which is typically around $5k DBs. There are several VIP exclusives on the diamond wheel and currently the only way i can get a chance at one. I won a Tylo, not what I was looking for but no regrets. I’ve mentioned a few times recently my motivation is a bit low and not much is exciting about the game for me right now but saving up and then taking a long shot at some creatures i don’t have yet gives me a little something to look forward to.


Bought another 2018 pack, figuring I had enough bucks to risk an expensive Megistotherium. Was very pleasantly surprised with this:

Don’t have him at all, and he was very low odds in the pack. One won’t be immediately useful, but it’s a good start.