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Share your purchased pack loot

2 dna card , 1 food , diplotater. Which actually have the highest percentage odds.


I was considering buying this pack but I already have thé diplotator.

I’ve 2 lv30 diplotater , So it doesn’t matter if you have it or not , the question is , can you use more of them. Like some people have 10 of a single dino for their roaster , that they find useful.
I had 4 lv30 diplotater for tournament runs and sometimes events. I fused 2 for a lv40 one so i can unlock diplosuchus , now I’ve 3 diplosuchus and one more waiting to be hatched. I still welcome a diplotater , would have liked to get something better like spinoraptor or ankylodocus but I did not. It’s okay.
It’s not an unlock but rather just a single copy. If you have unlocked diplotater , it’s a 4k dna saving for you.

been awhile since i bought a pack, just haven’t been playing as much.

Bought 2018 pack today on D2’s game and won a kelenken.

Didn’t want to put it in the 1st slot and only had just enough DBs to speed up a Metriacanthosaurus so I went to the trade harbor to get some DBs and got an immediate trade offer for the Kelenken for 2750 LPs. Needless to say I took it.
Pretty pleased with the turn of events


The plot thickens!

Finished up doing my battles for the tournament tonight on D1’s game and she needed to open one more card pack to get the daily missions pack. She has both the LPs and DBs to spare so it was either a 10k pack or the 2018 pack.

I went with the 2018 pack and we got a concavenator from the pack!

Out of all the 2018 packs we have bought on all 3 accounts I think this is the 1st VIP dino we have ever won from one. 2nd at most but probably the 1st. For some reason there is a chance I won one a long time ago but can’t say for certain.

todaywas goodday


My bucks have been going up nicely recently, so I treated myself to a 2018 pack today. I like the odds in this one.

This is my 5th bear, 4 of them from these packs! My ceno line-up isn’t ready for a high-level tournament creature yet, but at present it’s really useful at L20


Just got a megiso from a 2018


Yeah, thats the risk. He has a good hybrid though, don’t dismiss him. Just a bit expensive for all those bucks.

Decided to take a chance hoping for a less than 1% dino in one of the 4 packs, but no dice. Oh well, gambled and lost. Maybe another try next time.


OMG Utahraptor and Ophiacodons :roll_eyes:
Those prizes are really lame! I feel for you :+1: