Share Your Ultimate Of Bad Luck Moments In JWA Here

This thread is for you to post your most unlucky moments in JWA.

This is my unluckiest moment today.

I go to 4 different parks. My norm, one I kinda know, and 2 I’m less familiar with. Then I dart all the dracorex I can from there. I have 3450 dracorex now.

I get my alliance-mates to put dracorex in sancs. I now have 7 fuses.

I have 80/250 Utarinex.

7 fuses later…

Really game? I spend quite a while outside during you-know-what season, and actually get some supply drops for once, for this?

Well that’s not exactly a punch in the face since this’ll pay off soon but are you kidding me?

So yes, leave unlucky moments here!

Rixis got critt on FI and kill my tryo (one shoot)

Part 2: 1000 HC Later


I have 240 erlidom. And 7 Cornibus dna. The grind is real

I have like 17000 draco dna. Too bad I’d only get like 15 fuses once I get it to 20