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Shared Sanctuaries - Scroll To View Dinos Before Going Inside

With the sanctuaries we are only able to seen 4 dinos in the whole thing without tapping on each one to see what’s inside.

This is very time consuming when you’re looking for a certain Dino or two.

Order of steps:

  1. From map view (default) tap alliance tab.
  2. tap shared sanctuaries from alliance chat.
  3. tap a sanctuary from the list of viewed sanctuaries.
  4. view first page and tap the next page or pages.
  5. exit sanctuary to go to another.
  6. back at step one, the map. (Why not shared sanctuaries screen?)
  7. repeat all steps until you’ve found your dinos.

So my suggestion (besides exiting a sanctuary and returning to the shared sanctuaries opposes to the map) is:

Within the shared sanctuaries screen while viewing all of them and seeing the 4 dinos in each. Have a left to right swipe scroll to see what all dinos are in there before you start and repeat the long process of the Dino hunt to feed, interact, and play.

Or make a search option for those certain dinos you’re looking for.

Thanks for your time and consideration.



Bump this for attention I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate this.