Shared sanctuary?

So I opened the sanctuary and there was another lvl 20 erlikosaurus in there. Is that someone from my alliance? And can I help him and can he help me?

It’s someone else in your community using it as well. Y’all can help each other out.

Edit: I think it’s also possible to place dinos in alliance mates sanctuaries so that could be it too.

All Right… Let’s figure out how these sanctuaries work with regards to sharing.

It doesn’t matter if it is the general public or an alliance member, I see that other people can feed, play, and interact with my dinosaurs now. The published notes from Ludia stated that the first feeding would get you the most DNA, a second feeding would get you less, and a third feeding would get you the least.

My biggest question is:
If someone else feeds my dinosaur, do they get the top reward, and I get less when I go to feed it? …or is the first second and third feeding an INDIVIDUAL reward that isn’t affected by others?

Alliance Sharing Dynamics:
If you are a member of an alliance and create a sanctuary, it appears that it is automatically shared with all other members of the alliance. I don’t know if there is a cap, or if you can have 50 shared sanctuaries.

Current DNA Data (Feed/Interact/Play):
Allosaurus [C] - 30/13/27 --> 15/13/13
Kentrosaurus [E] - 2/2/2
Monolophosaurus [E] - 2/1/2
Dilophosaurus [R] - 6/4/5

Utahraptor [R] - 9/4/11 (lvl10 in a lvl3 sanctuary) and 9/4/12 (lvl15 in a lvl4 sanctuary)
Ornithomimus [R] - 9/5/10
Monolophosaurus G2 [C] - 17/24/17
Proceratosaurus [R] - 11/5/7
Spinosaurus [R] - 11/4/10
Gallimimus [C] - 21/16/30

God questions.
Can you Tell me how to share a sanctuary?

If you are a member of an alliance and are one of the first four to create a sanctuary, it will automatically be shared. Other than that, your sanctuary is automatically shared to the general public in your neighborhood. Anyone who lives near you can add their own dinosaurs to your sanctuary at any time. They can also feed/interact/play with your dinosaurs, and you’ll be able to do the same with theirs.

Sanctuaries that have dinosaurs in them seem to glow a pulsing green color.
Unoccupied ones are dark grey.

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Does it also say how much DNA you get when it returns to you. Also does DNA yield from interacting ,feeding and playing increase with each level up of the sanctuary?

I did see one of the values go up by 1 DNA when comparing a Level 3 sanctuary to a Level 4. Not sure if it is related.

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Ok, I just want to get as much Brachy and Secondonto DNA as possible :grinning::grinning:

The shared alliance sanctuaries aren’t capped at four though. My alliance currently has 13 shared sanctuaries.


Yeah there are s lot of sanctuary in my alliance.

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