Sharpstone Keep Event bug

Bugged from free Sharpstone Event. Cannot choose reward, game is locked up. I have closed out and restarted game three times and it does not resolve the issue.


Having same issue. Quitting the game and restarting just puts me back into a non-existent prize mode.


Same here…hope they give us the event again soon since the first roll out failed miserably

Same thing here, bummer I don’t always have 2 hours available like this too

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Same here, I noticed it said 25x chances which I thought was odd but then figured it might be a special promo.

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happened to me too

+1 right here

I’m having the same issue. Locked me out of playing the game now as I’m stuck on the select reward screen whenever I start the game up

Same issue, now I can’t play the game anymore.


Same here - bummee

I am having the same issue. Locked out of the game, every time I open it, I get sent to this empty “choose your rewards” screen from which there is no escape.

I’m very irritated because for the first time in a week, one of the epic items I need is available in another challenge and now I can’t try for it.

Same here, right on my spare time that i could play it for a while, nothing works but the roll with no reward…

Exact same issue as well, is there any workaround to get back to the other options?!

Same here. Joy.

Two darts and no recompense


Select nothing void

Already reported - Sharpstone Keep Event bug

Seems to be universal.

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How to play again, I closed the game and come back to same screen.

Yup, me too. First time for this type of event i guess…

Same issue here. I restarted the game several times, and even restarted my device. I can’t do anything with the game. Can we PLEASE go a few days without a bug? Can the devs please make sure these things work before hitting us with it?

Honestly, we (customers) deserve some big recompense for this stuff.


Same here, into the Sharpstone reward limbo.