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Shattermaster - ability/skill

Something wrong with the text

I don’t have the dragon to test it.

What do you think is wrong,I have one at 4 stars that could be tested. It works fine for me and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it’s text.

Ohh you are probably talking about the fact it says the enemies gain ability lock, when other dragons that do the exact same thing say the enemy “suffers” ability lock.
They mean the same thing, this game just uses the terminology really loose, the same ability can be worded 4 different ways.
Reading the specific words might just always confuse you in this game, what you need to do is just look at the symbol to the left of the words and learn what the symbols represent, and use that in combination with the deeper colored words.

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“All foes GAIN ability lock for 5 turns”
it means the enemy will have ability to lock my team for 5 turns. Weird right?

Edit: I forgot to refresh the website.

Ok. It was alarming when i read that. Thanks

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It’s a really good dragon, so good I’ve dropped over 14k runes to make sure I get my 3rd copy by the end of this event.