Sheep knock over achievement

How can we do the 10 sheep knock over achievement? I can sometimes find vikings wandering about but then they disappear again. But I can’t find any sheep at all. Any idea’s why this is?

They’re… around. Try having a bunch of open space on an island with no viking buildings (but maybe a dragon or two); that’s where I found some. (Also, of course, make sure you aren’t zoomed out all the way.)

AFAIK, you don’t need to find ten different sheep; once you find one, you can tap it ten times.

I have some islands that aren’t being used just now so will add some dragons to them and see what happens.

Finally got it done, strangely enough, not on one of the empty islands that I put dragons onto.

I no longer see sheep, chickens or Vikings wondering about on my islands. Were these all removed in a patch? I miss tapping on Vikings to watch them cheer or knocking sheep over. Is their disappearance just because I play on an older iPad?

Hey there rmchugh,
Some older devices have been optimized for better performance and therefore if you have a lower end device it will not show some details like the vikings and sheep on Berk.

I’m not sure if Rose’s comment is 100% accurate. They do become invisible (but are still there and can sometimes be tapped by accident!) when you zoom out a certain amount… at least on my tablet. But for me, they are still there if I zoom in. I’d make sure you are zoomed in all the way.