Shellfire Ability

I’m wondering about Shellfire’s ability. When you combine tiles next to the water gem bomb’s shellfire creates they should disapear, right? Also is Shellfire supposed to take damage when you destroy all 3 of these gem bombs? (and how much should that be)

Not sure that Shellfire is supposed to take damage. I asked a similar question before and I don’t remember the mods mentioning any backfire damage.
But it seems to work opposite of Green Death. You can move neither tiles, but if you actually pop Green Death’s mines - you take damage. And if you don’t pop Shellfire’s mines - you take damage.

@Ned can you confirm what wirxaw said?

And yeah, i also think he normally shouldn’t take backfire damage, but seems to be taking it (and quite a large amount of it)

I’ll pay more attention next time I see the thing, for now it’s a Bewilderfixed day. Otherwise… You could record it.

It was in release notes

Not that I want to be a 1int necromancer, but could you link the exact line? I thought that by now this would get a response, but I suppose the only answer is “yes”. Also, I have a suspicion that if you pull the bomb to Screaming Death before it explodes - it’ll damage it too. But I didn’t quite see the numbers, nor did it seem to affect my final score. Have you actually seen the numbers, @Zhyan? I’ll try to check hp of of these Alphas before and after the turn with this effect. In either situation - unless it happens accidentally(as it does for me), you have to sacrifice potentially optimal moves to either detonate Shellfire shell or bring SD’s bomb up. Unless the damage is like 1000+ - I don’t see much point in it.
Also, has anyone confirmed yet whether using abilities during the last turn affects the final score or not? Like, I assume that the tile damage is clearly precalculated as usual, but does the final damage calculation happen before the turn counter hits 0 or after?


I looked into it a bit yesterday and what i can tell is that the actual backfire damage depends on the level of the shellfire you are facing.
For lvl 2: the backfire is about 2k dmg each time, While for an 8* alpha the damage is 13k at first and goes up by 2k every time after that (so 15k then 17k, …)

Hence with a lower lvl shellfire it might not be as noticeable as with a higher leveled one.

Also I think Talisax is referring to this line:
Proper amount of damage done both against your team and when used against the Alpha


I mailed support some time ago about the issue with turn 0 and launching abilities in alpha fights and I think they answered it‘s not calculated because those abilities are launched after the last turn. (You already made your last turn at this moment.)
Maybe there are misunderstandings, I would not rely on this info and will try to test the issue by activating auto mode for the last turn.

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Sorry. It wasn’t in notes but one of Marcus’ posts

The Alpha special abilities that cause damage never did the intended amount of damage. You’ll now see increased damage from Alphas. This also means that if you were able to use the Alpha’s ability against themselves, it will do more damage to the Alpha.

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